HELPS YOU WITH YOUR CONSULTATION BURDENS BY MANAGING EVERYTHING IN A TAP. Doctor and Secretaries can keep track of consultations from any of their Patients. Secretaries can manage the availability of the Doctor’s schedule. Patients can notify their Doctors of their appointment requests and receive notifications of the status of their appointments. Patients can search available Doctors according to their Medical Specialty. Patients can also request for an appointment with any Doctor. Med+ lets you stay connected with your Doctor, their Secretaries, and other Patients.




Manage patients queued in line for consultations. Patients in queue are grouped by clinic and clinic schedule.


Set and manage your appointments easily with Med+. Search doctors either by name or specialization and choose your convenient clinic schedule for the appointment.


Manage appointments set your patient using the Consultations module. Doctors can approve, reject, or reschedule consultations and patients will instantly receive a notification.

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