The President/ CEO is Salvador B. Silva Jr. III with substantial experience in sales and marketing almost covering the whole archipelago during its five years in marketing as Senior Manager of an international company. He is a graduate of Executive MBA course major in Entrepreneurship at Central Philippine University in consortium with Asian Institute of Management modular course program. He has also completed a Rich Dad Coaching Program which is a personalize coaching and mentoring program led by a veteran and known best selling author Robert Kiyosaki together with their team of veteran coaches and mentor.

For our projects and engagement, the systems are designed by highly competent software engineers after thorough deliberation of the scheme. A Software Development Team is assigned per project , however, if the design is so complex the software engineers convene for the possible assistance from one another for expedient accomplishment of each project. We have also several consultants for accounting related systems and design to fully cater the needs of the client business and to give possible solutions to business problems.

With regards to the management of our finances, collection and billing we have an accountant and an accounting assistant II for record and bookkeeping. The company has contracted an Accounting Firm who set-up its compliance with BIR, S.E.C. and other
government regulatory requirements.


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