The ACQUA Water Billing System is an automated system that provides accurate billing information. The system provides ease in creating invoices, recording of payments, and adjustment of billings. It can track each Concessionaire’s meter reading history, billing history, and their credit standing whether they have paid in full or if they still have remaining unpaid dues. Depending on the company’s preferred settings, the system can automatically add penalty amount to concessionaires’ bill for delayed payments. The system is also integrated with a mobile app which can be used online or offline to record water consumption reading.


Management of Concessionnaires Information

(Audit Trail, Meter Reading History, Other Charges, and Account Ledger).

Meter Reading

(Manual or Automatic Upload) and Bills or Reading Sheet Printing.

Manage Billing

(Schedule, Accounts Recievables, Promos or Discounts, and Other Charges).

Manage Settings

(Zones and location of Consessionaires, Management of User Access).

Setting / Resetting Water Rates

(with Option to enable/disable franchise tax and penalties).


Manage Collection

(Accounts Receivables, Bill Adjustments, Deposits, Unpaid Accounts, and Penalties).


Reports Generation

(Generation, Printing, and Saving of Reports).

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