Innovating Water Access for the People

“We recognize that access to clean water from a trusted provider is an important element for the growth and sustainability of a community. “

Accurate Water Billing Information

Meter Reading with a Mobile App

Easy Invoicing, Payment Recording, and Billing Adjustments

Efficient Tracking of Concessionaire’s

Meter Reading History, Billing History, and Credit Standing

Online or Offline Recording of Water Consumption


manual meter reading and billing

Lengthy data gathering and encoding process

Additional operational and travel expense

Inaccurate billing information

Profit loss


seamless meter reading & billing system

Efficient data gathering and billing management

Less operational and travel expense

Accurate billing information

Sales increase and quality utility service

The ACQUA Water Billing System

Management of Concessionaires Information

Meter Reading Read. Print. Bill Onsite!

Manage Billing

Setting of Water Rates

Reports Generation

Manage Collection

Manage Settings

Manage Concessionaire Information

Meter Reading

Manage Billing

Setting Water Rates

Reports Generation

Manage Collection

Manage Settings


Make your work more efficient which saves you a lot of time managing various activities going on. Save and update your data in a user friendly evironment which ensures an easy to use step by step guide for any business management. Try the Acqua simulation now and experience how easy it is to use and manage your data in just one system that simplifies all. 

Read, Print and Bill Onsite!

Reduces time consumption which makes the process faster and ready for verification for users to see. Reading onsite, printing onsite, and billing onsite will filter your data at a faster rate. Get to know how these things function, Request for an onsite simulation now and enhance your business productivity and workflow. 

Efficient Company, Sustainable Process, Happy Community!

Keeping your data safe and up to date with sustainable processes that enables users to build a connection that will enable them to have a happy community towards their clients and other people they give their services to. Request a free trial now and experience how this program can change the way you manage your business in a whole new level.

Manage your Business in One System!

Read, Print and Bill Onsite!

Efficient Company, Sustainable Process, Happy Community!

Our Partners


“We aim to provide an adequate, sustainable and affordable potable water supply to our constituents.”


“We provide clean and safe water for all.”


“Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people of Kabankalan City by providing them with safe, abundant, and affordable supply of water for its growing population and the future generation.”


”We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of every Filipino by providing modern unique and environmentally responsible developments.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work without an internet connection?

Acqua can work without an internet connection. Acqua uses a different type of connection called “Intranet” or “Office Connection”. Acqua Mobile (used by meter readers) can still use the app and encode the data gathered. The meter must secure to “save” the data encoded. Once the mobile reconnects with the office connection, the data encoded will automatically sync with the main desktop app used.


Internet connection is only needed when the Service Provider (FutureSmart) updates the system.

How much does it cost?

The price varies according to the number of concessionaires and the number of computer hardware to use. Should you need a price quotation, just contact our Sales Officers.

Where are you located?

Our main office is in Pavia, Iloilo. But, our clientele and services are nationwide.

How to I reach/contact you?

You can email us at or give us a call at +63 917 556 6180